Can a sibling keep elderly mother's car without consulting other siblings?


Mom is semi-senile. Sister recently brought her back to her house after her husband died. Sister is keeping the car and leaving mom without her own car. She cites insurance reasons(Mom's drivers license is expired-which sister allowed to expire) for keeping the car.

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Joeguitargod, Who has Power of Attorney for your "semi-senile" mom?

Sister brought mother back to Sister's house? So Mom is living with Sister now? Do I have that right? Or Sister brought mother back to Mother's house? (Too many "hers"!)

Mom has an expired drivers license and dementia, right? So there is no way at all that she should be driving. Letting the license expire was good caregiving. Why would Mom need her own car in this scenario? As to what should happen to the car ... hmmm. Is mother on Medicaid or likely to need to be? If so, what is the value of the car? What do the other siblings think should happen to the car? Does "keeping the car" include having the title transferred, or does it just mean it is located in Sister's garage or diveway?

But first and foremost, who has POA?
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