Can a sibling get guardianship behind your back?


I my sons guardian. Other than having to take him to a couple of evaluations and a home visit it was a fairly easy process. I keep hearing getting guardianship of a parent is much more difficult. Does anyone know what's involved? Would it be possible for a sibling to do this without you knowing or would the courts notify all siblings involved? Lastly - roughly how long does the process take?

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Thank you, Pamstegma. That puts my mind a little more at ease. It's terrible to not be able to trust your sibling - to be suspicious when all of a sudden they are showing some interest. At least for now I'll try to trust him at face value.
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They cannot do this behind your back. You would receive a written notice of a court hearing, which you may attend. The court also appoints an independent attorney to represent the parent. The court also sends an evaluator to interview the parent to see what their level of capacity is. When everyone agrees, the process can take as little as three months. When there are disagreements, the process can go on much longer and have huge legal fees.
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