I have a biological x-sister who harmed my mom. How and why was she able to get away with so much?


My x-sister found an attorney who for money was willing to defraud the state of Florida in order to fraudulently qualify my mom for free nursing home stay. Once dumped in the home the x-sis openly denied comfort and needed drugs for mom. Drugs like antibiotics for swollen ankles. The X-husband took my moms walker away. They stold all her money. The asked this same attorney how they could get my moms paid off house in their name alone valued at $200,000. The lawyers paralegal told me. The attorney continued to help the criminals in the family! How and why was she able to get away with so much???

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I call my sister 'x' because I disowned her. This is how sociopathic my x-sister is. She gave me a note that read 'Here's $1,000 from a burial fund. The lawyer had me put this money in a separate account to hide the money from the state' My x-sister is telling me the strategy she's using in order to steal my share of the inheritence roughly $50,000. My mom had a home totally paid off valued at $200,000. The paralegal of this corrupt attorney told me my x-sister was in her office asking this attorney how she could get my moms house in her name alone! At that point the attorney should've called in officials knowing foul play was taking place. This same attorney lied to me in her office and stated my mom only had $61,000 in the bank. I knew mom had more money than that but she was insistent. Later I found moms bank statements stating she had $160,000. This was a year and a half after mom passed. X-sister also conned mom to sign a check in 2001 for $25,000. She never came clean about. A nurse from India told me my x-sister denied the antibiotics for swollen ankles. A hospice nurse was called out of the room by another nurse and came back stating she was in shock that my x-sister denied prescription eye drops as well as x-rays to see what was going on in moms chest. An elder abuse report was filed and a stranger contacted me stated they saw my story on an Elder Abuse/Medicaid Fraud site but I could never find the link. My X-brother-in-law was a con artist and sued every company he worked for a bad back. I never met anyone so money crazy than him. He was the mastermind of this plot and if a nursing home allowed my x-sister to deny those meds without raising a red flag than taking moms walker away goes without say. They wanted mom bedridden. They had completely wiped out her accounts two months earler. They were having their dream house built. I have alot of proof this happened. I'll probably make a video for youtube. I plan to bring this so called 'elder' attorney to the ground and this scam against the elderly. The attorneys paralegal also signed for a witness for the x-sister to be power of attorney.My x-sister lied to my brother by stating she paid a $30,000 nursing home bill. When my brother asked to see it all hell broke loose. They don't talk till this day. He also got cheated out of a substantial amount of money. My x-sister netted $243,000 from moms passing.
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It should be the shyster lawyer that needs going after. Take him down, and maybe things will be righted by an honest judge.
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Hmm ... a few more details might get some detailed responses.

What is an x-sister?

Do you mean that the lawyer knowingly hid assets, lied about income, what? By "free" nursing home do you mean Medicaid?

Is your mother on Hospice? Is the x-sis her medical proxy? Does she have your mother's Power of Attorney? Is your mother competent to make decisions? Does she have dementia?

How did they steal her money? How much?

If a resident needs a walker, it is hard to see a nursing home allowing it to be removed. What would the motive be in taking it away? Why are they denying her drugs?

What does your mom say about all this?
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