Dad has since passed, mom is 85. Daughter who bought the house since divorced, moved out and ex husband owns it now. Daughter now has left boyfriend, moved back with HER daughter and now her daughter wants her out as she is too difficult to live with. Long story short, now she wants to move in with 85 yr old mom and ex husband will not say no, says its up to my mom as he knows its her daughter, but is extremely upset and says the contract they signed yrs ago will then be broken and he has the right to raise my moms rent. I told my sibling this and she is so in denial saying, "oh he would never do that". If he does I told her SHE has to pick up the difference in rent. Poor mom is being manipulated, I have no room for her at my house, and everyone is calling me. I believe there is not much I can do since there is a contract. Do I need to get a lawyer now? I told sibling she cant live there, but wont listen, will do what she wants.

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jdfamilyinc, I think you need to contact an Elder Law attorney to untangle this situation. The main thing is that your Mother has "life use" of the house until 2027, which means she can live there until she is in her late 90's under the terms provided. I can understand the family doing that so that your parents had a place to live but as you can see this type of set up can become a nightmare.

The tangle part comes due to to the living situation within the household. I believe the house could not be sold due to the "life use" clause, therefore I am curious how the ex-husband got the house. Maybe the rules are different in your State.

Please note that even the time comes that Mom needs a higher level of care, she still has "life use" of the house even if she moves to a continuing care facility.
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1) this is not your issue - you do not own the house or have an interest in it 2) if mom has a contract for a set rent until 2027, HER rent cannot be raised. 3) check the terms of the contract - does it state WHO can live there for the set rent? 4) if it is your ex brother in law's house - he should be the one saying yes or no for his ex wife to live there - he shouldn't put this on your mom

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