Shower mobility; does Medicare help pay for tubs/showers that you step into and sit?

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When a person falls in the shower and is then afraid to take another, does Medicare help pay for the tubs/showers with a door that they step into and sit?

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I think the answer is "NO"
Have you put down non slip strips and hand rails. Also get a substantial bath seat, one that extents out over the tub so the person can sit on the outde of the bath seat then swing the legs in one by one.
Getting a walk in tub may not solve the problem either. Once a fear gets established it is very hard to remove. Nothing wrong with a sponge bath.
You can buy a shower stool at walmart for $25
There are also suction type railings too. A hand held showerhead with long hose is nice. And of course, a shower chair.
No. But I found a worker who installed bars for me for free and even remade my old tub into a walk-in shower at cost.  5' x 3' - plenty big enough for both of us.

There is a disability department in many states but the waiting list is 2 years as a rule. I didn't have 2 years. I didn't have 2 months. I needed to do something before DH fell.
Remember that the person needs to walk in and close the door before filling, plus needs to wait till it empties. I am not sure if this is convenient.
The person can spend his own money for the upgrade without Medicade penalty.
It may be best to find a shower chair, a grab bar and flexible shower hose
My sister found an awesome thing for Mom's bathtub that'll turn it into a step-in tub but it can still function as a tub. Check out CleanCut(TM) products.
My parents have a shower seat (I believe paid by Medicare) which has two legs outside of the tub and two inside the tub. They sit on the seat outside of the tub and then the seat slides their body over until they are they are sitting in the tub. Of course you have to maneuver their legs over the top of the tub.

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