Antibiotics for a bacteria found in mom's urine was prescribed, but it's been now two weeks since the symptoms began and one week since symptoms subsided and urine sample were taken.

Mom's blood and urine labs were delayed due to a few reasons: home health nurse reschedules, mom not consenting to go to ER, and the doctor's delayed call after a weekend of the results. She is just weak and in bed now.

I read somewhere that antibiotics when no longer needed may be harmful. I looked up other forum posts on uti's but now can't find the one on delayed treatment. I called the doctor back to ask if a delay in the treatment still warranted?

The doctor and home health seemed to be focused on encouraging hospice. Anemia and now late UTI diagnosis are not convincing that she has six months. Maybe if it were kidney failure related which she is exhibiting moreso, but the labs do not show this as a concern now.

My MIL in a LTC facility has had so many UTIs that I can't count them. Even before she was elderly she had a predisposition to get them. BarbBrooklyn on this forum has related how a supplement, Manose-D, has helped stem UTIs for her and (even though I am NOT a proponent of supplements) I have requested my MILs NH give her the supplement. She has not had a UTI since, which was 6 months ago. She was getting infections every other month. Now not. This is not clinical evidence but Manose-D is a simple sugar and has no known detrimental effect when taken. IMO it is far better than taking antibiotics over and over.
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I would go back to the doctor and get your mom to submit another urine sample. U T I's in the elderly are very sneaky. Even if she is now symptomless the infection could still be running rampant in her system.

Don't delay. My mom was given a U T I test kit to take home cause her doc suspected a urinary tract infection. My mom left it and ended up contracting sepsis which nearly killed her.

Take this seriously!
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Pasa18 Nov 26, 2019
Yes, thank you.

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