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Mom does the same thing. She can't walk without assistance anymore. We have to help her with everything because of the dementia. She is tied in a wheelchair and is constantly bending over to reach things she sees on the floor. I'm trying to get some type of shoulder harness to keep her shoulders tied back in the chair.
It's a very hard combination of diseases. They both feed off of each other. The dementia is the worst because she no longer knows what she is doing. Cannot process simple directions most of the time now. Gets angry and mean a lot too. We just have to hang in there and go the nursing home route when we can no longer care for them.
I don't know how bad your dad is, or if you have to watch him all the time, but that will come too. We have 2 cameras connected to my laptop so that I can keep an eye on her at all times. They have been a big help. I also have a baby monitor in her bedroom to hear her at night. Thank God she has good sleep habits. She's in bed by 6:30, and I get her up to change her pull-ups before I go to bed. She doesn't get up until I wake her at 8AM!
Let me know if you have more questions. I have been at this for 2+ years now. Take care!
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