Hi everyone ! I have a question but i will tell you the story briefly. In 2007 my gram died and pap was disabled they raised me as their child so I moved him in with me. I have cared for him for almost 2 years in the home. Feb. he became ill with pneaumonia went to the hospital then was sent for rehab for 2 weeks.In that 2 week time period he ended up with cdif mrsa and vre. Iwas advised after the 2 weeks were up to bring him home I did. Cdif was ot under control and had to temp place him in assisted living. THEY SAID OH THE INFECTION IS UNDER CONTROL GUESSwhat it wasnt. Back we went. See the only reason we placed him there with c dif is I have 4 kids 2 are autistic hes hygenically challenge and the doc was concerned with his lack of handwashing and the kids well not good.Now I have noticed he has lost weight. I asked about this and they are doing weekly weigh in. He lost 11 pounds in a week. He has alot of medical issues including renal and diabetes. He is also drinking constantly refusing to eat lethargic and sounds like he has a wad of cotton in his mouth. they are not concerned. I called our doctor he is normally good about what i ask him order wise. I have been an RN for 13 years and we know each other well. The doc on call is new and just called the home where they said oh he is fine but we caught him hiding his underwear with diarrhea. I asked for stool sample and his blood sugar to be monitored 3 to 4 times a day. At this point i feel i need to bring him home and work through it atleast i feel they would take me seriously then.His reg doc doesnt think this is good idea because i have 4 kids and 2 are already special needs. plus i had cervical spinal surgery july 15th. what do you think? Am igoing overboard? thank you in advance for listening to me ramble:)

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