My mother is 91, has Parkinson's. She has not been able to walk for about 5 years now and is wheelchair and bed bound. The nursing home puts braces on her legs that fit over her knees. From what I understand is to prevent legs from contracting.

They look very uncomfortable. Does anyone have any knowledge about using these braces on a loved one. The nursing home she is in has been using these on her for a while now. They leave them on approximately 4 hours a day from what I have been told.

Ask her how they feel. If they feel ok and they help at all, let her wear them.
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I thought that bracing to prevent contractures went out with the dinosaurs, is there a PT/OT available at the NH and working with her? She should be getting passive range of motion therapy - is she?

edit: are you aware that contractures that develop after someone enters a nursing home are considered neglect?
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Perhaps the braces are to prevent further flexion contractures which make bed to chair transfers very difficult. As a PT with 38 years of experience, my opinion is the braces may not be very effective at this point. Please speak to the doctor or the therapist who ordered them.
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Caregiverhelp11 Sep 27, 2018
Thanks. I did ask the Therapist that was working with her and she
said the treatment is helpful. I do know that many medical professionals will prescribe treatment, even though it is not that helpful, just to increase their profits especially if the patient has good insurance.
So, its pretty hard to really know what l is best.
Is Mom vocal? Unless she is complaining of pain in her legs, I don’t think I’d question the treatment. My husband has had those inflatable things on his legs more than once and they told me it was to prevent blood clots. These braces your mother is wearing may help to stop painful cramping in her legs. If she complains they are uncomfortable, I would meet with the staff to see if there is anything else they can use.
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