ok Mom is with Hospice and you know Hospice only goes so far after all they are hospice ,when Mom has infection (uti) procedure with them has always been just give any antiobiotics to her my understanding with uti is a culture is needed to treat uti correctly when culture is done that will tell them which one to give to clear infection up properly. Now can someone please tell me if I'm correct/which brings me up to date I know her behavior pattern is like when Uti is present and for awhile she has been acting crazy and also driving m nuts I took test with azo package and ALSO I understand they are most accurate also has burning and amount of sediment in her tube (cathleter) is UNREAL SO THICK AT TIMES CANNOT EVEN SEE THRU TUBE SO QUESTION IM TRYING TO ASK IS SHOULD I TAKE MOM TO HOSPITAL SO THIS CAN BE NTAKING CARE OF THE RIGHT WAY AND TO ME IF I DO NOT GOTHAT WAY hospice isn't going to do culture in past when I have pushed to have that done they look at me like I'm crazy plus I can tell do not want to do that was told one time that goes against hospice policy plus recently they told me not sure if mom is approiate for hospice this isn't Gilchrist suppose to be long term hospice talking towards letting her go then that's another story of what the heck I will do then. But would appreciate feedback on what some of you would do about going to hospital?Thank you.Sandy22

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Sandy, have you talked to hospice? The first thing I would do is call them and tell them what you are seeing. They should be able to tell you what to do.
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