My mom is in a nursing home &I will be taking her out to lunch on Friday through a drive thru and thinking of taking her to a park to enjoy the view & sunshine. My question is I know she wants to go check out her home. I am so lost between yes and no. I think she wants to see if everything is still there, but yet I am afraid she will become very homesick and get depressed. In about 2 weeks she will be going to assistant living. She is very sharp minded & even tried to outdo the social worker on going home instead, but that is impossible right now due to oxygen, walker, unsteady.

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If she had dementia, I'd just say no.

Since she is sharp, maybe closure in seeing her house again MIGHT be a good thing. What is the status of the house? Is it as she left it? Are some things she might want to pick out to have brought to the ALF? Could this visit serve a practical purpose?
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I think it all depends on her personality. I assume she is in a nursing home following a health crisis and rehab? Since she is still mentally sharp it shouldn't confuse her and she may need to see her old home again to get some closure. If, however, she is moving to assisted living against her will she may just be trying to cause trouble, you know her best.
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