She has Dementia and Congestive heart failure. I don't work and only receive child support. My daughter and I are the only ones taking care of my mom and I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

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Dear tiredteresa,

Given your mom's health condition, if she is unable to pay her own bills and you now need to take this on, make sure you have the authority to do so. I'm sure your mom would not want you to pay for these bills out of your own pocket given your own financial situation.

Since my father's retirement, I had to take over his bills and the care of his house. He trusted me to handle his finances. But if he needed something above what he had, I had enough for both us, so I would cover that too.

Maybe consider talking to a social worker to ensure you have all your options.
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Are you being paid by mom for the care you provide? Are there resources for that? No, you should not have to pay mom's bills, they are hers.
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What kind of bills do you mean? Mom's bills? Her heating bill, water bill, property taxes, etc.? No. Those should come out of Mom's funds.

Your own bills? Credit cards, car payment, etc? Yes. You are still responsible for your own bills.

Is Mom having trouble paying her own bills?
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