My parents only have one assest there home, they have SS and my dad has a pension but there is not much left after pay for home care for my dad. I am think about putting them in assistant living which ranges from $4,000 to $5000 per momth they will run out of money in a few years so what do I do. what is better to pay for care at home or move them and let them live the money the make from selling there house.

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Pick an assisted living facility that will accept medicaid after the self-pay runs out. Inquire about it. Ask the facility point-blank all the questions on your mind.

My mom is hanging in there at her home alone at 87. She doesn't want to leave a place she has lived in for 45 years, where my father worked his guts out to pay for, etc.
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Assisted living would be awesome !!! If you have any kind of a life with a spouse or grand child or child thats what is best unless you want your hair to fall out and time away from YOUR primary family. What would you want YOUR children to do if you were in your parents situation? My Dad is 85 and my Mom is 78 and our Dad is very selfish and don't appear to care whom he takes down with him. My Mother just goes along with him because she's on Hospice care and no-one stays with them at night and he's her only caregiver at night . We're having problems also that we need help with. If your parents are willing, better jump on it like a dog on a bone. That means they love their children and don't want to put their childen through hell.
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