Should I change dad's hair?


I've recently taken on the responsibility of helping Dad with bathing and grooming, and I CAN NOT duplicate his beloved "doo wop conk" look. As much as he hates it, Dad may need to say goodbye to the whole Johnny Mathis swoop.

He can hardly do anything at this point without getting terribly out of breath, so he has delegated hair styling to me and it looks terrible! He's due for a haircut this week, and I am SOOO tempted to tell her to cut it shorter so I can maintain it a little better. Besides, the glop he puts in it makes his hair hard as as rock, flaky and SMELLY!

Dad is really struggling with the fact that he can't even bathe himself anymore (and still refuses to sit), so I don't want to make too many changes... Suggestions?

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Making me grateful for my bald headed dad!
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Haha that is too funny! Next time he can think it's his idea :) "Oh, now see, remember the last time you told them you wanted it shorter?"
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((((hugs, Tiny!))))
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Well... we cut it pretty short yesterday and Dad was SO upset with me!  He wouldn't even talk to me on the way back to the ALF.

BUT... when we got back and everyone started commenting on how nice his hair looked, he said "Yep!  I told the barber I wanted it shorter!"

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Just remind him it will grow back. (Then don’t let it!)
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Maybe ask his barber how to style your dad's hair.

I understand not wanting your dad to lose everything that he's used to and has been used to for many years. Give it another shot with the barber's instructions and if that doesn't help I like the suggestion of getting your dad's hair cut a little shorter so there's less you need to swoop.
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I'm laughing so FIL was the master of the "doo-wop" flop!! After he died and was laid out at the mortuary, they had slicked his hair back in a way he would have hated. we made the Funeral directors look at a photo of him and replicate that hairdo.

You can 'sneaky pete' a haircut that's to short to be styled only one way--a little gel is all he'll need. (My dh uses Redken 'get groomed" and a little goes a long way, it's not smelly at all and it keeps his gorgeous white hair in place all day.) If he hates it, well, you're not the bad guy, it's the stylist. Maybe he'll get used to it.
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Tinyblu May 10, 2018
Love this idea! Well, today is "D" day. I'm going to ask for pointers first, but if it seems to be too much... OFF WITH HIS HAIR!!!!

...and I will totally blame the stylist if Dad hates it.