Should I be concerned that mom sleeps a lot?


My mom who is ninty eight has started to sleep a lot now my mom is in a care home as she had a stroke four years ago until lately I could read the paper to her but now she sleeps a lot my mom does get up and has a chair but she goes to sleep in her chair they keep mom up for about three to four hours in the day mom cannot walk as she is parolised down her one side mom sometimes has elusanations but only has heart medication and parositomol is it ok for my mom to stay in bed once a week as my sister likes mom to get up every day

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Pushing 100 is hard work! People in their late nineties are often tired. Is she awake often enough to get the nourishment she needs? To stay hydrated? What does the care center think of her situation? They've seen more folks in their 90s than you and I are likely to ever see. What does the center doctor or her personal doctor think? Would she benefit from some more awake time, or is she fine as-is?

What is your sister's role in Mom's care?
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Dear Pasport,

I hear your concern for your mom. Even at 98 it would not be uncommon for them to sleep a lot. Check with her doctor and maybe review her medications. Are they causing her to be more drowsy? If she is up to it, maybe try taking her in her wheelchair for a stroll outside for a little bit. My dad started to sleep more and I thought it was normal. But in his case it was due to heart failure and he was dying. I didn't see this and I'm still angry with myself.
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It is not unusual for someone who is in their 80's or 90's to sleep a lot, with or without a stroke or dementia [per your profile]. When one gets that age, they are tired, they lived a very long time.

Think about it, Mom can't hop in the car to go shopping. She can't meet friends for lunch or go out to a movie. Her life is pretty much within the walls of the care home. Then here is prescription medicine that can zonk one out, such as high blood pressure pills.

Eyesight starts to fade, and hearing becoming more difficult so TV isn't as interesting. Plus at Mom's age, today's TV shows are too violent or too "adult" for her comfort level.

It is better for Mom to get up and move around, but that is easier said then done.
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