Should my father to reapply for more hours for Aid and Attendance since his physical condition worsensed?

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My father is a 104 World War II vet. SInce he came to live with us in September, 2014, he has had congestive heart failure and a stroke. He needs a lots more help now with activities of daily living. He can walk using a walker as long as someone walks with him, and can feed himself, but needs help with most other things. He doesn't have dementia or Alzheimer's, thank goodness. The VA has only given my father 10 hours of caregiving per week, which isn't nearly enough. I am having his doctor fill out a new VA form 21-2680. Since this is a new application, is there a case number that I need to put on, which it asks for? My father does get 30 hours a week from Medicaid also, but my husband and I work fulltime on our business at our house and could use more hours in the afternoon for a caregiver to look after my father. My father refuses to go to adult daycare. Private pay for caregivers starts at $15.00 in our area of Virginia, and my father has no savings left. There are no other relatives to help care for him.

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Never let the MD fill out the 21-2680. There are care questions that he would have to guess at and get wrong. YOU fill it out and ask him to sign it. You keep the original and he gets a copy.
Yes. I might recommend finding someone in your area that specializes in veterans benefits and have them do the form.
I do not know much about either Medicaid or Aid and Attendance. However, from what I have read here you should consult with an elder law attorney. You may have an issue of using funding from both programs. Can you receive funding from both? Or do you have to pick one or the other? I don't know, maybe someone will chime in here that knows.
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A brutal honesty here? If your dad is getting 40 hours of care per week and it's not enough for you both to maintain your business, then it's time for dad to be cared for in a facility or care home.
Luvdawgs- yes you can submit a change request to the VA, I would recommend calling your local veteran service officer (VSO) for your county. You can Google search for VSO for _____ county and should pop up.
The question becomes not the number of hours, but the monthly benefit in dollars. They have limits to the benefit. 10 hours a week is roughly $1000 per month they reimburse you? Create a case of the number of hours he needs and calculate that monthly financial need and submit it. The VSO should be able to help you determine how to best represent the need.
I do not recall the frequency which you can re-apply to adjust benefit / pension amount. For sure yearly, but during the year it may be every 6 months. I would estimate something more than the max benefit in anticipation that his needs will increase and easier to do this once. Again the VSO can help there. Good luck.
Definitely try. Go to a Veteran's site, preferably in person at a Veteran's Home or Clinic and seek help in filling out the forms. I did it twice, but did not receive. But since your Dad is a World War II vet he is entitled to full benefits including staying in a Veteran's home.
Why is Medicaid only giving him 30 hrs week? Look into NHTD
Since the max benefit for a&a for a vet is 2250 a month if you reapplied you could get a bit more help however the va requires that you are already paying for that care. You cannot make up medical expenses or estimate future needs you have to be currently be spending what you are asking for. My suggestion is to make a trip to the va office and talk face to face with a rep. Its amazing that he is doing as well as he is at 104. Thank him for his service. I do hope you can keep him home seeing that you made it this far. Having 40 hours a week of paid help is amazing, not sure you will get more. Take care.
you do not have to be already paying for care if you have a caregiver agreement in place
Gladimhere, yes, you can get both Medicaid and Veterans' benefits. My dad has been doing so since he arrived here. Thanks for all of your tips and help, everyone. My dad has someone from 10 am to 1 pm to help get him ready and feed him breakfast in the morning and someone from 6 to 9 pm to feed him dinner and help put him to bed. We were hoping the VA would find that my dad needs more pension amount (currently they pay $798/month) to help pay for a caregiver in the afternoon, because my husband and I can take care of things easily when my father is sleeping, as we have a child monitor and my father can just call us if he needs anything or has any problem. He usually just sleeps at night. He does not need to be in a nursing home. Thanks again, everyone!

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