Dad had a stoke in February impairing his memory, vision and stability, he lived with me and my family until his health was somewhat better. But he complained constantly about being "bored to death" and wanting to be in his own home. He is widowed and can not care for himself with medicine, meals, etc. and can no longer drive. We moved him back to his house (30 miles away) with a caregiver during the day, he complained of being lonely and wanting to be closer to his family and we could only visit on the weekends. He also wondered out in the middle of the night trying to find his home, fortunately neighbors found him and got him home. So now he has been moved to a wonderful Assisted Living Facility, 5 minutes from each of his three daughters, we go by daily but now he is threatening to hurt himself or run away if we don't move him back home! This has all happened within 6 months and my entire family looks to me for the right thing to do. I am considering moving him back home with 24 hr caregivers and throwing my hands up! Please anyone with some ideas I am more than happy to consider. Thanks, desperate daughter

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