My 83 year old mom fell, breaking her pelvis and arm. Cannot operate due to severe COPD. She's alternated twice between hospital and sub-acute. Is on morphine and dilautin and Lexapro and xanex for pain and anxiety. Her mind was sharp before all this and now is loopy very often (probably due to meds). Several weeks have passed since her fall and I cannot get doctor to return my calls. I only spoke with him once in all that time and would like to know her prognosis, mentally and physically. Will her mind ever come back? Will she ever be able to walk or get out of bed herself? We do have staff meetings with therapist, nurse and social workers about mom's weekly "progress", but do not get her prognosis for future.

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During these weekly meetings, have the Nurses and therapists talked about lowering her doses on all of these "loopy inducing" medicines? Is your Mom still in the same severe pain, that she was originally when she first fractured these bones. It will be hard to tell if her mental status will return while she is on all of these types of medicines, but she may well still need them gor pain control. I would think that eventually, they will begin tapering her off, and then you will know. Yes, as Babalou mentioned, getting the DON to get you an appointment with the Dr, is your best bet, and I understand your frustration! Good luck, and I hope your Mom gets better soon!
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Which doctor are you referring to? The medical director of the facility? I would ask the social worker and DON how you should proceed to get information about her prognosis.

In your shoes, i think i might ask for a hospice evaluation; you would get a dispassionate evaluation of her condition.

This must be a very trying and anxiety provoking situation for you all. I'm so sorry.
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