Mom is bed bound and the debriefing hurts her. The doctor always wants it done but I hesitate.

This should be able to be done without hurting the patient.
The dead skin areas need to be removed to promote healing.
The important thing anything being done to prevent the sores from getting worse?
There are specialized Wound Care Nurses that do this and can do the job more efficiently than others. There are products that also promote healing more so than some other products.
I have to ask ...(and it's me so I have to ask) is your mom on Hospice? Hospice has specialized wound care nurses that this is what they do and they are good at it. If she is not on Hospice it might be worth making a call to see what they can offer.
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Debriding, it's called.

It shouldn't be necessary to hurt your mother. Who's doing this, and how?
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Since I didn't know what this was, I looked it up. The definition read that it needs to be done. The dead tissue needs to be removed to promote healing. Is there something the Dr can prescribe to numb the area.

There are nurses on the forum who may have some suggestions.
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