My FIL has had cancerous polyps removed 2x in his life. Once in his early 40’s and again at age 79. Both times they removed part of the colon as well. The first time it was very minimal. The second time, 7 years ago, they removed 10 inches. He was advised to have chemo after the surgery and even came to Dallas from the small town in East Texas to do so. He had 2 treatments, and didn’t like the way it made him feel sick, so he made a unilateral decision to stop going, and never went back. Shortly after that they decided to move here so that we could be more readily available since my husband had to miss a lot of work driving 3 hrs away every hospital visit. He never disclosed any of that to his new primary care doctor and has not had another colonoscopy. Now with a pacemaker on board and increasing dementia we wonder whether it is worth it to pursue another colonoscopy to see if the cancer returned? or to just let nature take its course? He hasn’t had any symptoms that we know about, but he lives in AL and we do not deal with his bathroom habits. We do know he sometimes has fecal incontinence issues overnight that he attributes to food intolerances with his shortened colon. We have researched some and there are pros and cons to colonoscopy at his age, as well as sedation with the dementia. Any experiences? Advice?

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My Mom was told at 80, she had no problems, they would never do another colonoscopy because of her age. Perforation the colon can happen.

There are commercials showing the little box where u just mail out a specimen. This will show if he is clear or not. In my opinion, I would not put him thru a colonoscopy or surgery at his age.
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Totally agree!
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He made his choice to not further treatment when he was of sound mind, please honor his choice and let nature take it's course.

Cancer isn't what kills most people diagnosed, it's the chemo that completely destroys the immune system and then you are playing Russian roulette with every breath.
It is really not worth it.

Get him some good vitamins, high vit c, a good probiotic and prebiotic and let him enjoy the best he can.

His current dr should know what his history is and that he chose to not do chemo.
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A few thoughts.

The prep for a colonoscopy is unpleasant to say the least. The procedure more so. If he is likely to refuse follow up treatment again, why put him through it?

But his doctor should know his history, whether further testing will be done or not.

My step dad died last November at age 84. He had had colon cancer about 6 years ago. We do not know if the colon cancer came back or if it was another cancer, but it was metastatic. Morphine was used for pain management and he had a peaceful death.
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