Shingles pain? -

Shingles pain?


Do aging get pain?



I just read it is contagious when a blister. Can infect someone with chicken pox who never had them. This would be bad for an adult.
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Shingles affects some people worse than others. My FIL had it on one side of his head and in his eye. It only affects one side of the body at a time. He never completely got over the pain. A cold wind would set it off. My husband had it and got a shot from his doctor.
He hardly had a problem with it.
And shingles is contagious to certain people at certain times.
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When I had my shingles, the pain was relevant to the site of the infection but deep, very deep. Any other pain I had were not related to this.

If you get it elsewhere, treat it as a different thing and go see the doctor again.

Good luck

edit: I used Zorvirax for the skin.
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It's me. I'm 75, a woman, and in good health. I can handle the itching; but, the pain.
Yes, I've been to the doctor and have antiviral medicine which I started taking this afternoon.
I've never met anyone with shingles. I do know no one can catch it from me. It's on the left part of my lower back. And I've have my shingle shot a few years ago.
So, does the pain come only at the site or can come in other parts of our body.
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Good evening, Cheyenne,
Could you give us a little bit more information? Who has Shingles? Are you caring for someone with it?
From what I understand, Shingles can be very hard on the aged. If you suspect you or someone you care for may have Shingles, go to a doctor to start antiviral medicine immediately. This can lessen the severity of the rash and nerve pain.
I have just recovered from Shingles. I had just a small area on my leg with rash and I didn’t get the medicine until days after the first appearance. I feel I got off lucky, but I still have nerve pain and some numbness in my big toe of the leg the rash was on, and this is a month later.
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I'm not sure I understand the questions. Shingles is painful. I'm not sure age has much to do with it.
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