my brother and sister in law sequestred her and it took me 2 and half years to find her in medicaid nursing, in tennessee and i finally got to see her in june 2011. i had proof that they sold her house, cash payment to brother 105k. had all estate papers to benefit themselves. they got everything .safety box .sale from house . i worked with ombudsman and legal aid. both said she had demenita but not incompadent.she had revocable trust and nursing home pulled it out of her hands she wanted to go home with me. i live in tx. brother took her to florida and took her to tn. medicaid home. doctor made her incompadent because he could not wake her up. guardian itlitim made her indigent but all involved said never say signs of abuse or neglect. i had to get lawyer in tn. i spent 12k of my money to make a right a right. court orders were ignored by nursing home director and he refused to send them to me. clerk and master said this is civil matter i should come back to tn.and make court date to get court orders. i have no more money, mom died in 2/2012. i read enough law books and panel discussions to know it is suppose to be handled by u.s. government. brother said,mom wants brother to spend every thing and not leave anything to me or sister. how can this happen?

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