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Rusty, as we age we do tend to lose our taste for many foods. This happened with my parents, but they sure loved their sweets which they could still taste.

I think all of us would feel the same way about food at where ever we lived, be it moved to relatives home or to a senior facility. We all have our likes and dislikes.

One friend of mine loved to cook, it was her passion, food network junkie, as wonderful as the food looked, she over did it with items from the spice rack. Oh dear. I would have been thrilled with the basics, but that is what she and her husband were use to.

Therefore, it is very hard for a senior facility to meet everyone's taste. My Dad was in Assisted Living and he just loved the meals, and I also ate there... I was wishing I could live there, the meals were so very good.
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She used to eat at the cafeteria perfectly happily but she's now refusing to go?
Refusing to go, or going and refusing the food?
Or, she's just moved in to an ILF/ALF and she's shy/doesn't like this food/is generally upset?
What is she eating, then?

As you will gather, the advice very much depends on the circumstances. Would you like to say a little more about them?
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Do you mean your loved one won't eat in the dining room of her care facility? My mom hates the food at hers and I have to say, having tasted it, I don't blame her. When I take her out shopping, she buys a few cans of canned chicken and has the kitchen make her chicken salad sandwiches when she doesn't like what they are having. The elderly are awfully food fussy sometimes. I remember my grandparents and their "can't eat this, and that disagrees with me." Drove my mom nuts and now she does it. I also make potato salad, soup, or a casserole, and ham or turkey sandwiches after a holiday meal and have the kitchen staff put them in the fridge for her to have for lunch or dinner the next day.
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