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I'm not a specialist, but I would recommend keeping a financial journal. It can be a simple book with lines, then set up columns for date, check #, and an explanation of the expense, then amount, and a running balance. When the bank statement comes in you need to balance the checkbook and the journal. The journal allows you to put in more information and you can clip any receipts you have to the page, or keep them in a separate envelope. Since the journal has far more space, you can add information as to "why" an expense was incurred.
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Decatur, by maintaining a log, would a bank statement with listed checks be sufficient? Or do you need actual physical receipts?
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Here is some advice regarding a shared bank account
It is very important to know the difference between 'and' & 'or'

It even has Medicaid ramifications.

'and' means: 2 must sign,
'or' means: one only needed.

'And 'means: one technically relinquish control of the account, which could be construed as gifting.

In an 'or' account if a caregiver (assumed relative) is writing checks; it is still important to maintain a log, showing every amount spent, was indeed for the care of the individual.
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Can you post more information so that people are better able to answer your question?
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