i have a friend who is only 62. i think she has the early signs. but i am not sure of it. she is going to the dr. this week. i want to know the signs again so i can help her if i can.

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Repeating the same question! What day is it? You answer the question 5 times, and he/she asks again 5 minutes later.
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I'm not sure if we can post a live link on here, but the above has a lot of great information. If it doesn't show, it is on the alz . org page.
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This is from the MedlinePlus . gov website
The early symptoms of dementia can include:
Difficulty performing tasks that used to come easily, such as balancing a checkbook, playing games (such as bridge), and learning new information or routines
Getting lost on familiar routes
Language problems, such as having trouble finding the name of familiar objects
Losing interest in things you previously enjoyed, flat mood
Misplacing items
Personality changes and loss of social skills

As the dementia get worse, symptoms are more obvious and interfere with the ability to take care of yourself:
Changing sleep patterns, often waking up at night
Forgetting details about current events, forgetting events in one's life history
Having difficulty doing basic tasks, such as preparing meals, choosing proper clothing, or driving
Having hallucinations, arguments, striking out, and behaving violently
Having more difficulty reading or writing
Using poor judgment and losing the ability to recognize danger
Using the wrong word, not pronouncing words correctly, speaking in confusing sentences
Withdrawing from social contact
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