My mom finally moved back to her senior apartment. While that is great and she is getting settled in, there have to be some boundaries set. I quit working and pretty much dropped everything for the time she was in the hospital and rehab due to the constant chaos and repeated hospital visits. As things calmed down I am trying to dig out from under piles of mail and things not done for months. I also have to start working again. The problem is being self employed nobody treats it like I actually work and it is being abused by my siblings to dump everything on me, mom abuses it too. They have convinced my mom I do nothing and am pretty much on call 24-7. I am setting what days and times I can go help with things like routine appointments or extra things she needs help with beyond what home health care does. I know what boundaries I want to set. How do I get them to stick??

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Boundaries can be easy to set, but the hard part is keeping them or enforcing them. Many emotional feelings, such as guilt, as associated with setting and sticking to boundaries. Many caregivers or adult children have to set boundaries because now they are they adult in the relationship. Our Editors have addressed this issues... Read the full article on "Detaching With Love: Setting Boundaries in Toxic Relationships" here....

Detaching With Love: Setting Boundaries in Toxic Relationships
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