I created this "homestead" (with help from my Heavenly Father) out of forestry. It is the only home I've ever had. I created it so as to keep my own mother out of a nursing home and care for her 24/7 as she secummed to a terminal illness called parkinsons disease.

Now I'm alone with pain in my hip that keeps me from using the 8Hp Troybilt Tiller; yet I still tend a herd of dairy goats and a flock of fowl; and just recently planted 4 more fruit trees. I don't want to leave this home yet, come slaughter time for the goats & chickens (to keep meat in the freezer), I will need some help.

I live on a "barely above poverty" SS check each month; however, I've considered hiring someone to help do the roof repairs and help with the slaughtering. Not being a trusting person, how do I keep myself safe while such strangers come onto my homestead to use knives/guns to help me with the slaughtering?

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Sooozi I bought this tiny dilapidated cottage just with the future in mind. All one floor and 2 steps to outside front and back.

Elderly73 I'd like to put meat chickens through in the summer as I doubt my ability to care for them properly in the harsh Canadian winter. As far as slaughtering goes the locals here seem to take their birds to a small local processor. My first year here I'll be doing some veggies and putting in more trees, shrubs and berry bushes. Baby steps.
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Wow, Good for you!

I'm inspired by your lifestyle. I hear many of my friends wanting to move into a ranch style home so they won't have to walk up stairs. I personally think a move like that is deadly to them.

All of your movement is living life fully, even though it must be very difficult. You are an inspiration!
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I too live alone with my dogs out in the country and have some physical issues. I've only been here a year and I'm finding the best way is to talk to the locals - other homesteaders, farmers and service people in the nearby tiny village such as grocery store, post office, mechanic, hairdresser and so on. Many, if not most, of these people have lived here all their lives and can recommend someone.
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