I am curious as to if there is a service that is caring safe people that transport elderly to and from the grocery store and health centers?

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I just hired one yesterday! It's a home health care industry based service. They will pick my mom up, take her to appointments, do whatever I ask. (Take her to the grocery store, or buy stuff for her, take her to the nursing home to see her husband, take care of her meds, etc.) She can walk, cook, clean, go out and about. She just doesn't like to take the bus, and can't drive. Plus she's super critical and mean and difficult to be around, so I hired someone. They will document the transport visits, and let me know what's going on. They also run an ALF, so if there's a need...they could be the next step, or respite, etc. We shall see. Our first transport is tomorrow to a nearby city. Before this, we used the county transit. It worked fine, as I lived 200 miles away, and mom was alone. That was a minimal charge, and took her anywhere she needed to go. It gave me peace of mind, and kept her from being stranded.

You can also call your local Area Agency or Commission on Aging. They can give your resources. Another place to check, is with a local nursing home, where aides, or nurses often pick up part times jobs, and are willing to help. Many are certified, and offer different things depending on your needs. Best wishes to you.
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