I need a provider service that furnishes transportation to appointments, shopping, etc., in Brookeland, Jasper County, Texas 75931.

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Whisper, check with your local Senior Center. Some contract with local public transit companies to use their paratransit (a/k/a small bus, point to point rides) service. My father's Center provides weekly trips to a grocery store and other places (which I don't remember right now.)

There may also be more specific point to point services. I can get a ride from my house to anywhere w/I 10 miles; the cost used to be $1.00.

You would have to provide advance notice for some of the transit modes.

Would you be using your own car, driven by the hired person? If so, check with your insurance agent on the issue of liability to you for someone else using your car for pay to perform errands for you. You might have to add the driver as an insured party, but b/c payment is involved, it could be a bit more complicated.

If you hire someone through an agency, they should cover their workers with liability insurance.
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Have you contacted home care or home health care agencies in your area?

I have a home care provider through an agency, and she drives my mother-in-law wherever she needs to go as part of their services - shopping, appointments, hair/nails, lunch. We pay actual mileage on top of the hourly rate for the care worker.
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