Is there any help for seniors who have no home and are having to live with one of their children?


My aunt is coming home from a nursing home after being paralyzed on one side of her body. She has exhausted all of her Therapy benefits and still cannot walk. Her daughter will care for her but has a very little income from Social Security Disability. She needs a hospital bed and possible assistance with other things as well. Is there any help. Will Medicare pay for renting a hospital bed. I don't know how my cousin will even lift her.

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Her daughter needs to tell the social worker at the rehab that there is no possible way that she can be cared for at the daughter's home. She needs to be in a longterm care facility. The nh should help her start the Medicaid application so that she can enter the nh as "Medicaid pending".
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DM, I don't often make this suggestion but in your situation it sounds like your aunt could benefit from being in a care facility on a long term basis. Her needs will be significant, especially the issue of being moved around. Has anyone considered applying for Medicaid?

As to your question, Medicare can pay for a hospital bed if it's scripted for by a doctor, but I wonder how your niece with her own challenges will be able to care for her aunt with partial paralysis.

I would first of all ask her doctor to script for home care, including a social worker who can help you identify possible sources of assistance as well as discuss facilities that might be appropriate.

It seems as if this will be a very challenging situation that could easily exhaust your niece, physically and financially.

One small thing I would do first is contact the local Meals on Wheels group and see if you can get MOW for them. Your aunt at least would be qualified since I'm assuming she's not able to drive. The prepared meals would also give your niece a little break from cooking.
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Your cousin's mom will get all the help she needs if cousin tells the nursing home she cannot bring her mom home. Social Services, Adult Protective Services, another senior institution will step in and come up with alternatives.

Tell your cousin not to take her home.
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