Is it okay for elderly people to have foods that have refined white sugar in them?


or is it best to give them the more natural sugars, honey, etc.? Has anyone noticed any difference in moods etc., when the elderly have refined sugar? Thanks for any info.

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I say unless the need a heart diet or diabetic let them have what they want if all else is healthy and they are not obese. Mom is 93 healthy strong and small. She loves everything but black licorice. When I'm 93 I hope to eat what I want. Well, I don't want to get to 93.
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There are people who think that no one should have refined sugar or refined white flour.

Newer studies have not confirmed the theory that children get hyperactive after lots of sugar. Usually episodes of lots of sweets occur in stimulating situations, such as a holiday or a party, and that can contribute to hyperactivity.

Anyway, you can read opinions on all sides of the issue. Personally, I realize that empty calories in excess aren't good nutrition for anyone, but I also know that sweet is one of the few flavors elderly people can taste so it is understandable that is what they like to eat. We buy all kinds of sweet treats for our mother, knowing that she also gets at least one well-balanced meal a day.

My husband followed a heart-healthy diet for about 40 years. Now with dementia he has swallowing problems. Both his dementia specialist and his geriatrician have urged him to eat whatever he can easily swallow and that he enjoys. That includes lots of sweets with refined sugar as well as more nutritious foods. And, no, I don't see any impact on his moods.

What is your observation among the elderly in your life? Does sugar have an impact on mood?
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