My mother who live in France is 82 years old, and lives at home alone with her dog. She has a nurse that comes twice a week, a doctor that comes once a month or early if needed, and a house keeper that comes twice a week. Even though she is not alone, she is having a very hard time dealing with her condition. She used to be vary active all the way up to her 78 years, but not she keeps falling down and walks with a walker at home. Even standing is very hard for her. She does has medical assistance.
Me her daughter, I live in the United -States and call her almost ever other day. With the help of my cousins in France we do what is needed to make her life better. The fact that she can no longer walk make her very depress and hard to deal with others and especially with family, who could do more than I can, because of the longer distance.
She doesn't want me to give her phone number to any of my cousin who could do more for her than I.
I and the family we really think that she should be in home-care with 24 hours supervision and have a Financial adviser taking care of her expenses.
Should I give my mother phone number to my Cousins?

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Sometimes it is necessary to do what is best for our loved ones, not necessarily what they want us to do.
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