My 92 year old mother will not let me rest, at all, except at bedtime. I had the flu and went to lay down. She made noise, talked to herself, made my dog bark etc, then asked me if I was awake..Any solutions you have? She broke the door on my room, as she forced it open and said she had to do it because she thought it just "opened hard" She pulled the eyehook off the inside of my door! Now keep in mind she is 5ft tall and about 100 lbs! She did this while I was sleeping or trying to..Any suggestions? I try to get sleep if I need some when she is watching her favorite shows. But that works for about an hour or so. Please help!

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My dad has poked me with his cane to wake me up or yells "HEY". I am not a deep sleeper, I think he's just annoyed that I sleep past 5 am.
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When my mother is in her bad times, she will do this. Sometimes it will be in the middle of the night or early in the morning before the roosters crow. I can ask her not to do it, but that doesn't help. I can ignore her, but then she just repeats the "You awake?" until I finally answer that I am now. The only thing that does help in her case is for her to get out of the low point.

There was a period when I was very concerned about my mother doing something evil. I put a jamb against my bedroom door so she couldn't come in. There was little point to it, because she started pounding and yelling "Open this door." I don't like remembering that particularly bad time. I don't know what we can do about it except to hope they sleep through the night and don't have bad nights too often.
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