Okay, I know that my Mom has is suffering with Dementia/Alzheimers but in the last month I've seen my Mom take huge downward spirals, It seems like each weekend is a new turn.

Mom was falling daily too weak to get around on her faithful walker, so Hospice brought in a wheelchair for her to get around in and that worked perfect for about 2 weeks. Mom forgets she can't walk un-assisted so she gets up and down, back and forth from bed to wheelchair but the fails are a daily occurance.

Mom's memory is in and out between 1929 and 10 yrs ago...thinking she is living thru the Great Depression, she hides food for "later". When she arouses from her frequent naps, she doesn't know where or who she is and gets really worked up, this happens often during the day and night. Last night, bless her heart she wore herself and Dad out with her worries, delusions and night screams.

I visited with them today and Mom was coherent but seemed to have had muscle failure...she was like a rag doll but coherent and answered appropriately. within the last month Mom has become totally dependent now, not strong enough to hold herself up longer than a min. She can't see and now uses her hands to feed herself, appetite is great but she forgets she ate and thinks the Nursing Home is starving her even though they now hand feed her. Mom has smoked for more than 60 yrs and now knows nothing of it.

Basically, I know we're close to the end I just don't know what to expect and not be surprised by what happens next. My Parents have been married for 67 yrs, "In sickness and in health, for good times and bad, till death do us part" is in it's truest fruition.

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Thanks Jeannegibbs. I've been looking online and I will talk to the Hospice staff, I'm just trying to prepare myself but I know that sounds good on paper but another thing in real life.
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It sounds like your mother is in hospice care. Their staff is well-trained to help you understand what is happening to her. Take advantage of their wonderful service. They are really there for family as well as for the patient.
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