Mom has lived with us for a year now. Had a stroke and has forgetfullness and vision problems. Things that she has been asking me to do for her - like buy minutes on her phone and put her pills in the pill boxes - she is suddenly doing for herself and all by herself.

I came home from a small errand to find that she had done 4 weekly boxes worth of pills - pre-breakfast, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Some meals she takes 5 pills. She had done them all correctly.

I'm not sure what has brought about this change and I'm kind of spooked. The doctor did double her anti-depressant about 3 weeks ago and I wonder if that is what is behind this.

I guess I should be thankful. It's just odd.

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All right! I know you're spooked and maybe feel that your turf has been walked on a bit, but it is a real blessing. Hope it lasts.
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It does sound as though the antidepressant is working. Since this is a big change in her behavior, I can understand why you feel as you do. Just keep an eye on things without being too intrusive and see how things continue to improve with her. Keep us posted on how things are going. Hugs to you and your mother!!
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