I am taking care of my mother but she is physically disabled with only one arm she will be having a surgery on the other arm and will have a nurse or in hospital care while recovering but my concern is she family are seeing a big change in her getting mad when she can't remember todays events or taking her medication. She is only 63 and receives Medicaid/Medicare and has filed for food stamps because I can't work a lot while caring to her needs so our housing bill,electricity etc. are barley being paid minimum amount and some past due. I need to see what my options are because i financially and emotionally cant keep living this way. I know my mother can care for herself for the most part but she does need some help and she refuses to live in assisted living, she has no one but me who can help what are my options

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Have you talked to your local housing office about applying for Section 8 housing? It is competitive. You apply for it, then have to wait to learn if you will be one of the ones receiving it. Then you have to find a place that will work with Section 8. It is difficult, but if you receive it, it will help tremendously. Your situation sounds like you might qualify. Some senior independent living communities accept Section 8 and may also accommodate you as her caregiver. Much luck.
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