She would need a housing facility with seperate apartments but a common area for activities, food and medical attention as well as transportation to and from doctor appointments.

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Mark, is she able to move on her own ? Does she have live in help? Are there resources to pay for this or does she need financial assistance? Most continuing care communities have all of the requirements you listed and there are unlimited numbers of them all over NJ. There are costs involved. There are apartments in Woodbridge that are nicely set up for chair access (my friend was in one). But it is for independent living. The town did provide bus service weekly to various locations including supermarkets and shopping malls. But she had an aide that lived with her and did the meal prep cleaning etc.
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Mark, contact area agency on aging, they should be able to advise. There is a fed program that provides funds to developers who then must include a set no of handicap accessible units. I have seen many of these, frequently new/ newer facilities, many include a common area, computer station, med exam office and sometimes some activities. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the program. If AAA can't help you, check w HUD or homeless prevention division of NJ state gov. The apartments were beautiful not shabby! Send me a wall post if u can't find the info I see if I can find it.
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