I am guardian, and they have no authority to open and cash anything of hers. They acted liked it was no big deal, since they had put it in a resident account for her. They kept it for 2 months. Found out about it by accident. Did the same thing last year, refund from some overpayment (don't know what), but they kept this in a resident account supposedly for her for almost a year, without saying it was there, then at the end of the year, they wanted me to take this money, substract that amount from my aunt's portion of her rent. I made them write her a check for it. This recent money was $66.23, which was a Circuit Breaker Grant check that nursing home residents are eligible for in Illinois. This will be the last check from that now defunct progam. The check normally comes to my house, but for some reason the State sent it to the NH, who claimed they open all the mail, and then run any checks through some machine that enters the money into their corporate banking account. I could go on about this place. They should do not see anything wrong with the fact that they never told me about this money either time, I needed a resident account sheet for my recertifcation for Public Aid, and that's how I found out about the $66.23 in the resident account. I have never put any money in a resident account, in the three years she has been in the nursing home and they know it. She has a checking account, and I supply and buy all her needs. I'm seriously thinking about pursuing some type of charges against them. These instances are just the tip of the iceberg as far as my problems go, but you have to deal with the devil you know, or I would have pulled her out of there a long time ago. What do you think. A new company just brought this NH and I can't seem to find out who the new owners are. I think the current administration at this NH are shady, they got an excuse and reason for everything.

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If you are the court appointed/court ordered guardian, everything for your aunt legally has to go through you. If could be the staff at the nursing home are low wage employees who have been told any and all checks get deposited to NH account and they are more concerned about their bosses rules than anything for a resident. Sounds like this is just one of I bet many problems with this I right? I'd suggest that you start looking about for another NH to move her to. Moving them isn't ideal but can be done. My mom is in her 2nd NH - she is on Medicaid and this is in TX. Her first NH changed owners right before I moved her in from being in IL and it was downhill from then. The medical director - who was with her gerontolgy group - got deaffiliated from the group and there were many issues from billing to medication mix-ups. I moved mom within the 1st year at this NH and mid month. Medicaid pays daily so no 30 day notice needed (at least for her state). The new NH went and did an medical evaluation of her to make sure she was suitable for their level of care criteria, which seems to be standard paperwork for Medicaid. If you move her, be sure you ask for and get her meds - most of the time they are bought from a big RX firm and will be in a monthly blister pack which is billed by the month to Medicare/Medicaid. Both of my mom's NH have it so the meds are in a big heavy duty plastic bag that hangs like clothes in a closet in a medication room and get filled onto the medication roll about cart from inside the room. You want to do this and take the meds (take a big 2 gallon style Ziploc with her name to put them in) to the new NH so her medication usage (and payment) is seamless. If not, you may have to private pay for the "missing" meds for that month as Medicaid and Medicare won't pay twice. Alot of these meds are expensive too. Also another sticky is "appliances", my mom's walker was an upper-end one that she bought and brought with her from her IL. When she left NH # 1, we were stopped and she was asked to leave the walker as it was the NH property as they "rent" those to the residents. That was it and my big can of whipass got opened up and I berated security as I showed them her name and old IL address on the walker and all the places her name was painted or etched into the walker. So if you or the state has bought your aunt a walker or wheelchair, be on guard for this type of nonsense. My dad used the devil you know as a mantra, so I understand this totally but sometimes you need to dance with a new devil.
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