Senior (86) with drug addiction. Do they have rehab for senior citizens?

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My father lives in Las Vegas, and is addicted to oxycodone. He takes pills every 3 hours to manage shakes, gut wrenching and complete symptoms of withdrawing. My father is 86 years old and miserable. Can he survive going to rehab and do they have them for senior citizens in Las Vegas area?

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How is he getting these meds? From a dr or from the "street". If he has a dr, you should be talking to him.

He can survive rehab, he won't survive the addiction. I'm pretty sure Vegas has quite a few addiction rehab places--just google them to see. If your dad doesn't want to go and doesn't want to get better, don't hold your breath. Rehab really only works if the patient wants it to. They often don't.

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