My mother is claiming elder abuse after completing rehab at a nursing home and is not allowed to return to her home.

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Who is she claiming is abusing her? The Rehab place? Did she complete the program or is she wanting to leave early?

What is Mother's condition? Does she have dementia? What is her home like?

What is the reason the Rehab gives for refusing to discharge her to go home?

Sorry for all the questions, but more detail will help us answer you.

My son was in a rehab facility for several weeks following a motorcycle accident. When he reached the point where he could be functional and take pt at home, a person from the facility came out and looked at his home. He made recommendations like rent a ramp so he could go out the door in his wheelchair, take the door of the bathroom (we put up a curtain) and use a hospital bed. They didn't want him to go home until all those things were in place. And they said he shouldn't be alone until he could put weight on his leg. Could they legally have flat out refused to let him go home? I kind of doubt it, but following their instructions was the sensible thing to do.

Is there anything about your mother's home that would be unsafe for her? Bedroom on the second floor and she can't climb stairs, for example? Hoarding that is dangerous or doesn't leave enough floor space for a walker?

Or is it your mother herself? Have they concluded that she cannot live safely alone? If so, on what basis? Is there anything she could do to remedy that?

And where does elder abuse fit into this scenario?
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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