Hello, I am going to have to sell my parents home out of state. They had been there just about a year before my father died (I still cry because I miss him so much), and my mother has moved with me and my husband. I need to sell their home, but I have no idea where to start. They had not completely unpacked, so there are boxes of things in their garage, and they have quite a bit of furniture (heirlooms) that I want to keep but currently have no room for in my home (my addition is coming soon, but I’m not there yet). I have no earthly idea where to start with this process-any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks very much in advance.

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Try googling an estate liquidators near the home. Costs will depend on how much time you are willing to share. Some hold in home estate sales on commission and some hold online auctions. Also check with a real
Estate agent for options
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I just did this for my parents. My parents were hoarders so it was a bit of a logistical nightmare. We decided what they wanted to bring with them and I hired a moving company to bring the items down. They lived two states away and it cost several thousand dollars. Keep in mind this included beds.

I found a real real estate agent through Redfin and went up to meet her and sign an agreement. After that I had to use a junk hauling company and an estate sales person. I recommend an estate sale for items she doesn’t want.

The house was a wreck but sold quickly and I closed on the house Thursday. The process took from May until now to complete. I am so glad it is behind me. The process will likely require you to have to spend some time where the house is located
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You might want to consider "pods" or a similar service where cargo containers are delivered to a residence, you pack them, and then they can be moved to your destination or put in a storage location for a while. You might want to pack one container with furniture you know you want to keep and the stuff your parents didn't unpack near the doors so you can go through it as time allows. Sell the rest or donate to a local thrift shop, many will show up with their own truck to load up your donations. Give the house a good broom cleaning and it should be ready to show.
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