Do I sell mom's property and move her to an assisted living or do I keep her at home and let choices take over and keep her on Medicaid?

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There's no way anyone can make that decision for you. For many people, selling the home and moving her to assisted living may be best, since she'd have social contacts and someone people around her.
However, there are some people who would do better staying in their home. Since she's already on Medicaid, her home is likely her only asset. That is something to consider because if you sell the home she'll go likely go off of Medicaid until those assets are used up (this is likely why you are writing). I can see why you'd hate to see her go off of Medicaid, move her, and then eventually have to put her back on. But this is a question of what is best for her personally. I'd discuss this with people who know your Mom. If she seems isolated and is cognitively going down hill, or if she seems depressed, she may do better in assisted living. Evaluate all sides and then go for it. There's probably no "right" answer - only the best one you can figure out. Take care of yourself,
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.