My client is perfectly capable of feeding herself. I prepare and cut up food in bite size pieces in response to observing her behavior of taking numerous bites of toast until 3/4 of the piece is in her mouth before she begins to chew. She continues to load her mouth with food and chew it with just her front teeth. She tends to hold it there, playing with it inside her mouth.

She wants to engage in conversation and the food is right there, front and center. I suggest that she take a sip of tea and wash that food down, gently commenting that it looks like she has food stuck in her teeth. She hears it as a command and snipes at me, "I think I know how to eat!"

With her being an independent eater, how can I circumvent the pocketing behavior?

That's a tough one. The only thing I can suggest is to try to limit the amount of food she has in front of her, bustling around in the kitchen carrying tiny portions might also cut down on the desire to have a conversation - although I imagine she would be critical of that as well.
Has she had a dental check up recently to see if problems with her teeth might be contributing to this?
Ultimately she should have a swallow study done, have you discussed this with her family?
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Moving this to the top. I don't know, but how frustrating.
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