My mom (age 72) has a rare disease called CMT that "eats" away at the muscles starting at the feet and moving upward. She also has dementia. Dad is disabled and my 12 old son is autisic I am the caretaker of all of them. Right now she is unable to put any weight on her legs making transfers very difficult. She is in an isolated lake community in Texas. My dad is her main caregiver. She get PT only for 90 days each year. And no OT or ST. We pay out of pocket for a (non licensed) caregiver. They use a lifting belt to move her now but now that is even proving more taxing on moms body. I am reading how we can increase coverage for PT, OT, and ST on many blogs. But it doesn't really explain how to get it covered. Also, some have answered how medicare covers for someone to come in their house to help with daily care. How do they get that covered? Additionally, getting a lift paid for if two are required to move her (which is required for mom). Mom and dad do have saving and retirement but are on a fixed income (lake house is paid for). They are able to save $300.00 a month even after paying for the caregiver. So Medicaid is not an option for them based on their income. How do we get some of this covered? Even if I call the home health agency, they say that they think they are doing all they can.

Mom has bed sores and medicare doesn't want to pay for a better mattress. Unbelievable that they worked so long and hard for this?!?

This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question. the better mattress. Sounds to me as though your parents can afford it if they're saving $300 a month. Allieving suffering is one very important reason we save money in the first place. If your mom really does have bedsores, I think her doctor would prescribe home nursing assistance to get them healed. Bedsores are nothing to take a wait-and-see attitude about.
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Medicare was never intended to pay for in-home caregivers. You say she gets 90 days of PT, OT AND ST each year. I am surprised. Medicare will pay for therapy only as long as there s improvement to their carefully tracked progress.

If mom doesn't need a nursing home yet, she surely will in the future.your dad needs to meet with an elder law attorney who can explain how his assets will be protected, how much can be preserved for him. Unless your mom and dad are very wealthy, mom will need Medicaid. The atty will be able to help.

Many states or townships or counties have extra help for seniors. Some, but not all, are based on income. Mom got Meals on Wheels delivered for a uggested donation of $3 a day. She also got a housekeeper who came twice a month for two hours. That cost $28 a month. Her township provided an annual stipend of $750 for either in-home or day care services.

For all of her in home and nursing home rehab she paid nothing.her rehab was stopped when she stopped improving. During her rehab, she had a nurse two times a week, rehab three times a week, and a personal assistant who came at least once a week to help bath her. When rehab stopped, all of that assistance stopped as well. She only had rehab after 3-day hospital stays or outpatient surgery.

Medicare is not long term care insurance. I am so sorry that your family has been visited by catostrophic illness. It's very sad for your parents. Search with senior services where your parents live...even call local hospitals and talk to their social services dept. They obviously need help.
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