I have been tested and have 'normal' memory loss for my age. She often remembers things better than I do. When I am in her presence, I lost track of time, place, and purpose. It is scary and obviously very bad since I am the one who is responsible for her. Is this a common occurrence? Is there anything I can do - I already mediate, see a therapist, exercise, eat well, and take time for myself. I find this very distressing.

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JessieBelle - You are my first contact on this site. So great to hear from you! I try my best to practice mindfulness too but it is quite a challenge, right? How long have you been caring for your mother? Is she otherwise in good health? I know I have to get out of caregiving for my auntie because I am in very fragile mental health and things are really only going to get worse. She lost vision in her right eye recently. Struggling to get an appointment for her.
Anyway, loved getting your message!
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You could have the same problem I do. My mother with dementia can make me a nervous wreck. There are so many twists and turns of reality. Anxiety can scramble the brain and create memory loss and confusion. People tell me to practice mindfulness, but I forget to do it. :)
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