I need any ones help desperately, I am a live in carer and I work with an elderly couple both very old but as soon as I started working for them in February 2014 until now April I have been targeted. The wife said to me that I was fat and black so I reported it to the manager but no action was taken, I am in a desperate situation as I need money to pay off my loan I took out after my mother died in ugandadas. I had to fly back home to burry my mother and when I came back I got this job so I need it badly . Just before easter the man said to me to get into bed with him an elderly man with a catheter and has parkinsons so he shakes all the time so i told him that i am his carer and that am not paid to sleep with him so as soon as the wife came back I reported the matter to het she said that id nonsense and I was lying but I used my phone on both occasions to record the conversation as evidence (the wife said uou are black and fat and the following weeks during my shift the husband said that should get into bed to spend alittle time with him evidence something record as he kept giving me sexual afvances was shocked and disgusted i handed ovet work colleagues and they laughed at me I just felt so hurt I started crying because I knew as a chtistan this was wrong. And because iam new they said he had never done it to any of them meaning am lying but i have evidence as I recorded everything so these two elderly people have mental capacity no sickness to the brain and no dementia nothing at all wrong with them some body please help me urgently ad I have no other job.

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Thank you so much for your advice I have made an appointment to speak with manger next Tuesday
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You work for an agency? Good.

Make an appointment with your boss or your care coordinator. Play them what you recorded. Tell them that the behavior of this couple is very upsetting to you and you would like to withdraw from this case and be assigned to one where you'll be treated better. If your boss still refuses look for another agency on one of your days off. Agencies always need people and I don't think you'll have a hard time finding another one. Your boss/care coordinator should care very much about how you are treated in the home and should not stand for racial references or sexual comments toward its employees while on the job.
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