I am 71. I am of sound mind and live and support myself on social security. When I tried to contact her to keep her promise to pay, she filed a police report that I was harassing her. Is this a crime and where do I start to file my complaint? Now I feel like this woman has done this before. I never saw it coming. She is good.

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When you loan someone money, consider it a gift and just hope it gets repaid. You need to realize that many con artist befriend elderly people in church. This happened to my mother in law. She was friends for two years with an elderly man who convinced her he had a guardian angel. Only those holy enough could see it. He got about 1000.00 out of her before all hell broke loose and her children came after the old con man.

Come to find out he was a life long con artist, been in jail. He was out to marry my well off mother in law and take full advantage of her. He boasted to my husband that he would ban him from his childhood home.

Fortunately my mother in law loved her children more than this creep and she has children who are educated, smart and agressive enough to hunt him down. The police got involved also.

I would report her to the police. She is intimidating you. Since you gave her money it changes some of the dynamics of the situation. Once money is exchanged, it becomes a scam.

Don't trust someone just because they go to church with you. This is one of the number one places con artist pick their victims. The trusting souls.
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I am so sorry this happened to you. Did you get anything in writing? Did you write her a check...concern there is that she may have kept your banking info.

Call Adult Protection Services - this is financial abuse and a crime; you might file your own police report. Have you discussed this with your minister. It might protect other people in your church.

Makes it very difficult to help people that really need it. Best wishes.
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small claims court, I am so sorry. Geez, I guess we shouldn't loan out money to anyone. so so sorry.
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