She says she is in pain all the time, but I have dropped in after she said she was going back to bed and she is up and about. She says she is in pain I am not sure how much more recently. She definitely tries everything to get us to visit. She is in IL and has had them call an ambulance twice in 3 days. The 2nd time she did not go to the hospital. What can we do? It is hard to listen to, but we can't go over all the time we find it makes things worse.

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Sorry for confusion my MIL is actually in Independent living and she has dementia. Yes I have taken her to GP and he gives her more pain meds that she says do not work. I am trying to work on getting her into complex care. She has another doctors appointment this week for the pain. The doctor is scheduling her for more blood tests, x-ray and ultra sound. She has dementia and does not seem to have much of a short term memory. She forgets quickly. She definitely does try everything to get us over to her place but only complains when we are there. She does have home support come 4x a day to give meds.
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I agree about the inquiry as to to who the woman is that is in IL. If this is your mother that has dementia as listed on your profile, then I would discuss options with her doctor. Are you the DPOA?

People who have dementia, can't continue to live alone indefinitely. Frequent phone calls and even those to 911 may increase, because the person is frightened, anxious, confused, etc. And diagnosed pain may be complicated by the dementia too. People with dementia can't be ignored. It may be that she needs a higher level of care.
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Your profile says you are caring for someone in ALF with dementia. Are you caring for two people? Please clarify a bit.

What is the mental status of the woman you are writing about? Any dementia? Any diagnosed mental illness? Does she have any chronic medical conditions? Where is her pain? What does she take for it? What health care professionals does she see for it?
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Sorry no one has seen your question.

What did the ER doctor say about her pain? Did she just start complaining about the pain? Maybe it's her way of getting attention, but she should see her own doctor or a specialist to find out the cause. Perhaps, she is depressed and needs to be on medication.
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