Mom is determined to live alone at home.

I like Brandy's idea. Office of Aging maybe able to help in this area too. Coming in and telling Mom what needs to be done to make her home "safe".
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Knowing nothing but that she’s older and wants to stay at home, I would ask her doctor to write an order for occupational therapy to evaluate the home to make safety recommendations. Ours was done for my father in law (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s). Some of the things she recommended were common sense, others we hadn’t even given thought to.
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Can you give us a little more info...your Mom is 90 and living alone with mobility issues. That sounds like she’s still pretty healthy? Is she in a wheelchair, walker? Is her house easy to navigate with a few tweaks? Is it easy for her to get to bed and the bathroom? Does she cook for herself? Does she have any help now? Does she still handle her bills OK? Is she able to make good decision usually, (except this one which you seem to disagree with)? Living alone at 90 is possible, but conditions in the house have to be almost perfect, and the person has to still be firing on almost all cylinders.
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