I stopped buying it a few years ago because of all the recalls. But my husband can't or won't eat a lot of foods. I want to start making hamburgers or meatloaf again. But since he had a stroke I want to be extra careful about his health.

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For me, I buy the organic ground beef, I just don't want those antibiotics and hormone growth boosters in the product.

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Yes, its safe. Buy your ground meat in a reputable grocery store, or butcher shop. If you are really concerned, you can always purchase a steak and ask the butcher to grind it for you. As long as you handle the meat correctly and cook it well, there should be no danger.
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Of course it is safe, millions of people are eating it every day. Just as with any kind of meat you should practice safe food handling: be careful to keep raw meat separate from any food that will not be cooked both in your fig and on the counter, clean up drips immediately, always keep your hot foods above 140 degrees and your cold foods below 40 degrees, and cook all ground meats to well done (160-165 degrees).
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